Phone under 30k

I’m looking for a phone with good specs for a budget of 30k. Saidieni

Ita the village lastborn anaitwa @Jimit . Bado ako hiyo stage ya kufurahishwa na gadgets kama simu na TV. Atakupea good suggestions.

I can only help you by tagging the following @Jimit, @Soprano @Terrorsummit @ilonMask @tall mnyama everywhere wakusaidie

To get my advice you must set aside at least Ksh 50,000.

Wacha tu nimsaidie juu ata mimi nilikua izo ligi sometime back. Fanya ivi kijana, chukua Redmi Note 10 Pro for 29999. Aya thread ifungwe sasa

Uyo msee amecomment chini yako ni at least a decade older than you but he allocates half a mil budget every year for fancy gadgets. So what’s your point??

Nunua redmi note 10 pro…check its specs gsmarema

Ongeza 3k ununue mi 11 lite

Wewe ndiye huwa naona ukiwa na furaha sana na maswali za simu na TV. About that guy allocating half a mil to gadgets, that’s his business. Mtu kama mimi hununua simu hiyo ingine ikianza ku-hang ama kusumbua. Then I give it to one of my nephews or nieces. 10 years ago nilikuwa penye uko saa hii…that stage in life where I was a highly impressionable kid just like you using helb to buy an Ideos phone etc. Halafu utaevolve uende motoring section, and lastly ufike Real Estate and Business sections.

We are online strangers. What exactly makes you believe everything you see online? Don’t tell you are that stupid


[SIZE=5]Nyinyi mkipatana kona mbaya mnaweza twangana vibaya sana[/SIZE]


Venye umeambiwa sahi hottest kid on the block ni rn10 pro

Redmi Note 10 Pro 6GB 128GB woria huniuzia ksh29500

Samsung A72, Redmi Note 10 pro…

Tulisema mtu akifika 40yrs atoke kijiji.

Mkuu, haifai!
Poco X3 NFC of 6 gb ram is about 24K, a price difference of over 7K!
Why buy plastic when ALUMINIUM is even cheaper and more STYLISH?!!

Good specs are relative. Since it seems that this is the first time you will be spending the most money ever in acquisition of a phone, I recommend that you get two identical phones (either Samsung or Nokia) of 15k each. If you lose one use the other. This will help you avoid regrets and depression when it gets stolen or dies in under a year.

He gave a budget ceiling… In my considered view rn10pro is superior to px3 that has only aluminium and big battery going for it all and few ties chipset and nfc however its beaten on display!!
Unless we are looking at different phones the rn10pro is aesthetically better looking than the px3… Anyways this things boil down to personal tastes and preferences… Na nimeona we are diametrically opposites when it comes to matters phones which is a good thing… Diversity

The op has not returned to even see the forum’s response msipigane bure na this is a thread started by @administrator

Sometimes thread hu outgrow the op so sisi huweka comments for posterity. … Its just a matter of days before another thread about which phone to get and the clever ones just refer to past posts.