Phone Thief Beaten To A Pulp..


What’s happening here?

Phone snatching gone wrong!
He was grabbed as he attempted to snatch a phone through the window of a bus in traffic. What happened inside the bus was even worse!

so sad, trust me, it is not his fault… it is our ancestors fault and our fault because we are not doing anything to improve the welfare of the entire community… everybody is focusing on himself plus family…

Well, nothing wrong. Wamehangaisha watu sana kwa traffic, the same should be replicated here in Kenya. So where is that? UG?

Why did the driver drive off? Johnte gaza angepea bicham Kama gunia ya mahindi

Where is the pulp? Did he not escape?

Now when I call these people bonobos watu wananikashifu. Please can someone tell me the sound those people are making if it’s not different from the sound below …? They are the same

Listen as from 2.06 minutes into the clip and compare with those noises.

Come monday , the same crowd will be on the streets of Nairobi protesting the arrest of Sonko.

Huko ni UG

It this what they call being caught between a rock and a hard place? Ukishuka ni ngori ukipanda basi bado ni ngori.

miguna: im not boarding!!! i’m not boarding

They will travel from UG to come and protest?

yeap ? ? ?

they have killed and eaten their enemy !

Yes …si ata Congolese cannibals used to eat their enemies they conquer to draw power from them

same things are hard to fathom !

Inakaa hapo ndani alipgwa mangoto na each passanger na akatupwa nje bila nguo at 70kph

And this is under “Entertainment” because of why?