phone rooting

mods ,wadau,wadauress na @Shiroe hamjamboni.nimeisikia hili neno kwa muda hadi there is a thread ambout it but sikuilewa.can someone enlighten me about phone rooting in a language naeza elewa,pros ,cons and link me to whoever can do it.asandeni.

google is your friend

When you buy a new android phone, it is usually locked in such a way that you cannot get access to and change the android system files. Those files are stored in the “root” or “system” drive which is the equivalent of windows files in drive c for windows.

Rooting is the process of “hacking” android to unlock it and gain access to the “system” or “root” folders.

its a term describing fiddling with your phone to access additional storage to store more porn.

just remove the android files en then intall the firmware

What you don’t know won’t hurt you, son.

Rooting makes you the administrator (like in your pc).

what he means : for example kuna ile facebook hukuja na fone very boring, ama ile phonebook hua boring, u can delete them uweke kitu unataka eg, truecaller … BUT be cautious i once deleted everything including Mac address ya simu and i was unable to recover it, leading me to have a useless fone, u can delete vitu kama google plus

press your power on button, when the logo of your device starts to display, press both volume down and power button na usome maagizo

how much extra space can rooting avail?

Na ile husema chinese

Io ni bonoko android