Phone records link senior judge to counterfeit currency syndicate

Investigators from the National Intelligence Service are trying to piece together a case linking a senior judge to a counterfeit currency syndicate.

A team from the Transnational Organised Crime Unit and the police arrested Arafat Omar, alias Omar Rashid (a Kenyan), and Fidel Ako (a Ghanaian) on Monday and yesterday, respectively. The two were also charged.

The two were were arrested in Nairobi on Saturday night and found in possession of fake currency amounting to $523,900, Sh500,000 genuine Kenyan currency, a Taurus pistol belonging to Omar and several rounds of ammunition.

But perhaps the most surprising connection made following Omar’s arrest is his association with a well-known judge.

An analysis of Omar’s communication shows the two have been in communication on several occasions, and have a sexual relationship.

Police were allowed to continue interrogating Omar. Ako, who was charged with various offences, including money laundering, was released on Sh200,000 cash bail. There are valid deportation orders against Ako.

Huyu judge hana jina?

He had sex. Labda ni haka kamama ka revisit. Kaligusa mahali pabaya

Kenya has over 40 female judges…hapa guesswork ni ngumu

how many qualify to be called senior?

Very few ladies

I guess this is where we are headed. Civil charges of not paying taxes was an olive branch.
Lakini huyu Manzi alikataa.

could it be one of the justices?
But newspapers will surprise you…wait until you meet the people they refer to as “business tycoons, millionaires or even celebrities…”

ata at first thought ni merager but nkaona sexual relationship,kuna kitu inanionyesha hawezi kuwa mama wa 320mirion,hapa quessing ni gumu.

Eh siku hizi people are suspect in respect to a dick connection. So now if I ferk a corrupt police woman ata mimi am a suspect?

Tulisema nini juu ya wakamba na mboro?