Help me choose a phone of price range not above 8k ya kunshikilia…nadai ram kubwa tu not this 512MB

Been hearing good things about this Cubot phone, though only available on kilimall

@snapdragon alikua nazo kadhaa hapa

Wont they land you in jail for things you have no idea about


Lenovo A1000. 1GB RAM, 8GB storage. Safcom Shop ~6.5k.

ongesa pesa uchukue wiko slide 2

mschana flani alibuy hio cubot but saa hizi ina msumbua kuruka idk if there was something wrong with the particular phone or the the whole cubot brand

Wiko, infinix au Cubot, hizo ndio simu za ma peasants.

depends on the cash in hand

U7 Pro!!! I used it for 4 months! Better than almost all Tecnos 13000 and below!!!

[ATTACH=full]33835[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]33836[/ATTACH]

Injoo one,get it from Jumia.


nshauza with those specs Na hio bei hazingesimama…and no siuzangi simi za wizi in fact simu yote me hukua nayo ni ya kutoka majuu…Na kama niya hapa Kenya it must be very clean I edit Imei and I sell them outside kenya

why edit kama si ya wizi?


1.Trust issues (I don’t trust no one .
2.just in case

Haitoshi mboga kwa phantom 5 which am currently using.

Pwahahahaha! You are comparing kifo na usingizi?!!! Phantom 5 is most certainly not below 13K, is it? Besides, it is good that you prefer the name Phantom 5 to Tecno!! Phantom 5 is grand awesome!

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You can find a good one even under 4K here