phone insurance

i have lost a lot of phones and its been expensive to replace them ,someone told me of phone insurance but i have never heard of a testimony,do they really work?and can they cover repairs? akina @The_Virus etc kujeni hapa

One can only know if Insurance, like birth control, works, when it fails.


The one thing unafa kujua about insurance is they make more money by not paying you, thats why most times watakuintice na offers ndogo badala ya real worth so phones si worth insuring besides in six months models hulose 50% value


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i always lose phones of about 50-60k ,so story ya insurance naona ni poa

Show how careless you are na si kwa ubaya :slight_smile:

@Afro, njoo hapa.

they should replace a insured phone with a phone of equal value at the time insured not the exact make and model insured.

so if i insure a galaxy s7 then iibwe after two years ntapewa e.g 75k?or galaxy s9?

vitu zingine you cant prevent,am also asking about repairs ,unavunja screen unapata unaombwa 30k ,how do they pay?

Anyone who can do basic math might notice that the premiums per month you pay for insurance adds up very quickly. Over the course of your contract, you’d end up paying more than the value of that phone for a service that you may never use.
nikama umenunua simu ingine tu si worth it infact ni kama ripoff uko better of kusave for a new phone

unaongea from experience?coz some of these companies you pay annually

umesoma fine print most huwa advertisement factor in fees, penalties etc ita add up haraka sana

so unasema nikiibiwa simu ama screen ipasuke i just buy another phone?:eek::eek::eek:

u have never taken phone insurance but from the people i know who have phone insurance say it is worth it

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inafaa kuwa hivo

tafuta simu ina guerilla glass hayo masaibu yataishia hapo

no grammar nazi though

:D:D:D:D si ati guerilla glass haiwezi pasuka

They tell themselves that to console themselves. Mido crass tings.