Phone hacked?

Hello, I think I have been hacked. I have WhatsApp on my phone and I know the conversations are end to end encrypted. But to my strange suprise someone just send me screenshots conversations of almost everyone I have been in communication with plus the attachments(photos, audio, video etc).

No one has physical access to my phone except me. How did this happen?

wacha kupost ujinga hapa

maybe your whatsapp has ever been used with whatsapp web

Yes but only in my machine…


Weka screenshots hapa tuchambue

Who sent you the screenshots? This would be the person you pursue. Do you have Kaspersky or other protection ?

Never click of suspicious links. 3 years ago I was hacked and some one made a call from my MPesa number as I watched. I acted quickly by restoring factory settings and installing Kaspersky internet security.

Evidence ni muhimu… otherwise tell it to the birds… most softwares that keep logs of phone acitivty usually keep key stroke records… not screen shots… i find that screen shot part really suspect… since as you chat the screen keeps scrolling down… so how did this person get to have a screen shot of the juicy part of your convo…

I mean it’s like he is using my WhatsApp remotely because some of the screenshots are of way back in 2019. I go and check on my WhatsApp and it’s the same exact as the screenshots and not just on one person but multiple

Why would anyone try to hack u. Who are u anyway.
It’s like people who walk around Nrb downtown at ungodly hour they get robbed and start tweeting and questioning the police service. U are careless

picha muhimu otherwise it never happened

Your what’s app was connected via WhatsApp web…

Your computer is the weak point since it is easier to hack Google Chrome than people think. Labda pia wewe huchukulia updates na antivrus ni story tu

Your computer might have been hacked.

Tunaongeleanga windows update na antivirus mnaona ni kama tunaongea matope. Mnasemanga hamuezi waste 1500 mkinunua antivirus juu mkona windows defender. Haya sasa kuleni ujeuri wenu!

Is your windows genuine ama ni cracked?

Genuine…Crack ni wewe