Philomena Njeri was not pregnant, post-mortem reveals

Autopsy has revealed that Philomena Njeri, who was allegedly killed by her husband Jonathan Mukundi in Kiambu, was not pregnant.
The post-mortem examination of her body uncovered crucial information quite different to what was reported by the media about her death.
Njeri died of three gunshots that were hit on her head by the husband Jonathan Gachunga.
According to the report, Gachunga died from…[B]READ MORE[/B]

NVchieth niaje?

Munene wachana na maiti

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Kenyatalk from morning till dawn, ni story za umama,umama tena umama

Post story zako za maana. Kuna watu kazi ni kuongea shiet kwa comments na hawatai weka thread ata moja.

That she was pregnant, media reported. Usual media crap.

I dont know why this story attracted alot of attention in the media. Sadly these things do happen and after being reported we never hear about them again. Especially if its murder suicide. Because there will not be court cases in future to blow up the stories.

Chronicles of a simp that married an unfugable kunguru. The woman was building her own home while the simp was building her mum a home. Is there any simp was lower than that? Hii watu wa @kush yule mnono wako na shida mingi sana sijui ni cholesterol kwa ubongo au nini