Philomena Mwilu - Deputy CJ
[I][SIZE=6]"[/SIZE]Court of Appeal judge Philomena Mwilu has been nominated for the Deputy Chief Justice position.

Mwilu was selected on Monday by the Judicial Service Commission which has forwarded her name to President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Uhuru will present her name to the National Assembly should he approve.

If appointed, Mwilu will succeed retired justice Kalpana Rawal as the third Supreme Court Deputy Chief Justice.

Mwilu said in her interview that the judiciary should come up with a model to supervise and mentor young judicial officers who suffer silently.

She said a number of judicial officers have a drinking problem, but little is done to help such people.

The judge said while working in Eldoret, she notice that a magistrate had reported to work at 2pm because he had taken too much alcohol.

“I was forced to talk to the magistrate and organise a lunch for the station’s nine magistrates on a weekly basis to try and find out the problems they were undergoing,” she said.

Mwilu said if she becomes the DCJ, she will want to see judges and magistrates interacting often through the model she came up with in Eldoret.

“The judiciary is weak on supervision and mentoring juniors. With my nine years experience in the body I would recommend that the model is implemented,” the judge said.[SIZE=6]"
[SIZE=4]JSC is playing a tribal balancing act with appointments on the supreme court bench. It appears they have agreed on a formula on which tribes should sit there, the six big tribes (kikuyu, luhya, Kalenjin, luo, Kamba & Somali) to be represented by one person each and the last slot can go to any of the small myriad tribes, last time ilikuwa muhindi, this time its a Kisii.
They are still interviewing for one more slot, and I can bet it will go with a kale. On the list of applicants kuna,

  1. [/SIZE][COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)][SIZE=4]Justice Joseph Kiplangat Sergon[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=4]2. Dr. John Chebii Kipkoech

Mwììtu wa kwitù

Why do you have to see tribes? Can’t you just see qualifications?

Are Somalis more than say Kisiis, Meru, Maasai or Mijikenda? How did they become part of the big six?

Boss that is sooooooooooooooo pathetic.

Napenda sana during the interview, she advocated polygamy.

This is the mentality Kenyans need to banish.

Why is she holding her honey pot :rolleyes:

Ni kyau kyuu mwiitu wa kwenyu ukwatangaa vau na kwoko kuu kwa lept?


Yes, since 2009, na ukumbuke their nos. we’re smoothened, meaning KNBS reduced the no. of Somalis obtained from the census because it did not fit any natural growth models.

Ati Tharaka 175k? Na huko ndio kura zote za landslide hutoka?

at least she is not a feminist/activist. i liked her stand on polygamy

These figures are not reliable. During the 2009 census, no enumerator was nywele ngumu in N.E.

They cooked the figures so that they could receive CDF kwa wingi.

Tharaka ni meru banaa.

huyo mkamba siwsmind kukamua .

I think the judiciary is in very good hands now. Mutunga was a disaster.

kuna pia a-Mwimbi, Muthambi, and @chuka

@ Uwesmake, mbona ume change standard leo boss ?
Judge Philomena does not fit the profile ya momo /GMO unapandaga.

Correct, one more to go and we are set