Phillomena's mpango who impregnated her had sent nudes to intimidate husband ( attached)

Listen carefully NVS and simp elders, i had posted a thread for the young fellows about such things to avoid but ile ngamia admin unpinned my post, here is a summary using the mukundi saga as a most recent example. Chukua advice before ukatwe makende usiku wa manane:

  1. The two met at a club - you cannot meet your woman at a club and make her your wife, sikiza mawaidha ya senior elders NVs

  2. Trouble started after Mukundi discovered that Njeri had an affair with one of her workers at a spare parts shop she ran in Mlolongo area. ( kunguru wacha ikae kwa nyumba au shambani ipalilie skumawiki, na uweke CCTV)

  3. Mukundi had opened the shop for his wife who secretly opened another shop for her secret lover in the same area - angalia, machozi tupu for simps ghaseer yeye.

  4. Mukundi was furious when he discovered his wife was pregnant. He never told her he couldn’t sire children.---- mbwa yeye

  5. He was drunk most of the time and would sometimes get involved in minor accidents— elders, ulevi juu ya kunguru sugu, usiwache ifike hapa, ingia tagged ukule vitu polepole

  6. Kiambu DCIO Dennis Wekesa confirmed the couple had separated for two months before the murder-suicide.— usirudie matapiko


Nudes ziko wapi bladifarkin

A songer once singed a song ~ Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds

Men who drown in alcohol because of women are in the same WhatsApp group with beta chieths who kill themselves because of women.

Mimi sionangi difference. Unaona hata this guy used to drink himself stupid because of the wife.

Why would you go on such a self destructive mode because of women?

Wanaume wengi hawajipendi kabisa.

I fail to see the logic of killing because of pússy… especially when you consider the thousands of variety out here

Not everyone ako redpilled

It’s actually a combination of factors:

This guy had all these traits. While he thought his wife could be cheating on him(paranoia) he was afraid to confirm or confront(insecurity) so he would be ranging mad if he notices anyone trying to flirt or just talk with wife( jealousy). He ignored clear signs because he thought the girl would never leave him juu he is rich (arrogance)

Touching and selling well greased drive shafts turns a lady into a kunguru. Zile jimama za spare parts zishawai nikatoa ni countless

Ze analysis is topnotch waturedio

Waturedio naskia reddit wamefunga MGTOW gospel ministries, komboesha ka hall pale sub.

Na vile hapa single mum’s hukula sweeps Kuna ready market.

Mimi wife akieza nitoka nadhani hiyo ndio itakuwa siku yangu yaani in dog terms, every dog has its day na hiyo ndio itakuwa siku yangu.

most fat dudes will always have insecurities when it comes to relationships and marriages juu huwa wanaona wakiwachwa anytime :D:D:D…they will have anxiety issues due to increased estrogen levels so ako na fikra za kimama…less reasoning/logic and lots of emotions.

In short…si useme tu ni ushenzi.

He loved too much na hio si poa.

Jamaa thought he had a trophy wife, 12 years younger. When that status was upset, the guy got embarrassed and jilted

Wapi nudes?

@Jaweed cheza chini usiruahwe saiberia

So you would off yourself if khupipi left ya?

No words ever read truer…mm told wanakijiji to Never invest in any woman…Just make arrangements to see Ur kids through if not around…This guy should have pulled a Tuju…withdraw all the benefits from the Kunguru…that’s all…Hiyo ingekuwa a better lesson

Guys should be ruthless with women…Women will leave you for the smallest mistake if a better option comes along…Mimi hudinyana tu (not whores) and never attach myself at any chick