Philippine's Newton Kulundu telling it as it is


He didn’t live long after this

:D:D:D:D:D kulundu alini jazz , ningetaka kuona conversation yake na kibaki after hio lecture


This exchange was in 2007 or 06 and he died in 2010.

The kulundu speech is a classic…

Ni Kama daktari alikuwa ametop up kiasi kabla achukue podium.

Kulundu was a real man. The disrespect and patronizing attitude of the West had become too much in Africa. However the crooks who lead us messed up the country and the west became mediators and arbiters in our issues a few years later.

As a side note, Kulundu was junior in government then despite being a minister. The real power was held by the Mt. Kenya Mafia.
The late Michuki was on record telling the US ambassador all manner of lies about Raila. Including that Raila did his Thesis on Making Nail Bombs etc. They actively courted the imperialists to help them hold onto power.

UK also masquerades as a Pan Africanist but uses Western consultants for his own assignments. Including Cambridge Analytical and Tony Blair. Now IMF is back on our necks due to failed economic policies

That was a real Bukusu. Si hawa meffi you guys bring forth ati Mudavadi

A true hero.

Mdau tunajua unadai Newton Kulundu angekuwa hai bado ndio akudinye rasa while whispering Luhya poems in your ear. We can tell you are in love with Newton.