Philip Murgor..

The man who will make the nation forget about Tob cohen in just a few weeks…mark this


Huyu ni midget kama @Panyaste

Homeboy is my neighbour

I don’t trust him

he’ll make that mama walk

Lawyers can defend the devil for money

Compared to @Panyaste, this guy is literally a GIANT!

he is quite sharp i thought he was going to speak carelessly but he did good presentation
but honestly all evidence point to her

I saw him at the beach last year dec pale serena with a young female alikuwa amevaa kofia na glasses, dont touch my ango na viatu design ya kiriri pia nikamwona yule nicholas muraguri playing with his daughters.

everybody was minding their own business.

Ghassia kabisa , vile alikuwa anatetea huyo muuwaji . and to think alikuwa DPP

Kitunguu lazima inukishwe design yoyote

where i shave my hair I meet nicholas muraguri quite frequently very quiet looter. Interestingly he has married from Kenyatta family so am told

as a lawyer you have to defend your client to the last minute even if all evidence are against your case or in support of your case, you cant castigate him for his work which he is paid for

True, he was playing with his daughters and if i did not watch the news about his issues with maila and hiyo 5B scandal i would have never known who he was.

That is the way to go in life.

Keep the fame give me the money.

Except you apparently.

Like Kenyans need help doing that, watasahau wenyewe tu.

Ghasia ni wewe storing money from corrupt proceedings.

Sergeant ntakupea ya mecho

this is a brilliant lawyer. alifanya kazi sana akiwa dpp na alifuatilia kesi ya cocaine sana. he was then removed. but now akasha amefungwa…

He reminds me of Cliff Ombeta who helped Obado walk scot free. Up to today the country is unperturbed by the fact that sharon and her 7month fetus never got justice. Men always get their justice though.