Philip Moi

This ninja has the demeanor of a mafia boss

You can feel him dominating you from a far or whats the deal?

wasn’t he in the military? I didn’t see John Mark… Man giddy has surprised me, aloof yes but can still crack a joke. Raymond is too edgy to be a leader, no wonder the wife is the one who would draw crowds during his campaigns.
And of all the grandkids its only Jonathan’s son who has the poise of a future leader.
Of all the speakers today Ruto is the only one who was very stiff…his jokes usually involve belittling others, no chance for such today…

Jamaa ni chizi so he can’t be seen in public. Achaneni na yeye

Thats news to me…sad

You just had to proclaim it out loud. haya! @uwesmake kujia new recruit fresh from the cupboard

Weka picha

philip ni badass

Was wondering kwa nini nimeona wife na watoi wa John Mark but the ninja was MIA

Boss you fucking have a problem. What do you see when you look at yourself on the mirror?
Propagating dynasties by insinuating how some grandkids of former d!cktator can be presidents. What of yours man? How do you inspire them?? Fuck this place.

Hii thread iko na harufu mbaya yaani ! oof

Funeral and burial ceremonies always bring out closely guarded family secrets out in the open

Yeah 100% Kuna watu hapa bure kabisa… Dynasty chieth

He is dazzled by the stars.

continue believing that your vote counts. Good luck in making yourself the next president.

At this rate DP Uncle Ruto will be not invited to funerals by dynasties.

In Kabarak of all places. Ground zero of moi dynasties in an invite only funeral of Mzee Nyayo. His introduction to speak by Nick Salat led to the now usual loud cheers from the same invitees.

Some things doesn’t need to be a surprise anymore. DP Uncle Ruto was installed as Kalenjin leader at Kapkatet holy grounds by all Kalenjin leadership in 2005. Its 15 years now, he is most comfortable anywhere in RV even Moi dynasty home. The people just confirmed that for the 100th time. No wonder even Gideon had to accept. The position is not vacant. He just has to do another agreement to survive 2022 in Baringo. This time with DP Uncle Ruto. RV will back its leader 200%.

I agree with you. He exhibits the real moi features.but alikua kwa military

:meffi::meffi: toa mboo kwenye mudomo

Unamupotezea kura

@mikel ni umbwa yeye huchocha anajua kila mtu mzito mpaka Trump