Phew : Norwegian Appointed MD of KAA

Norwegian Johnny Andersen is the new managing director of the Kenya Airports Authority (KAA).

Mr Andersen’s appointment by Transport Secretary James Macharia brings to an end a protracted recruitment characterised by claims of political interference.

The new MD trounced five other candidates, including acting managing director Yatich Kangugo, who emerged a distant fifth.:):):slight_smile:

Mr Andersen scored 88 per cent, according to the ranking of the interviewing panel, while Mr Kangugo, who prior to his appointment as the acting MD was airport manager of the Moi International Airport, scored 63 points.

Announcing the appointment today, KAA chairman Julius Karangi said Mr Andersen is a career aviation expert with over 21 years of experience.

“Mr Andersen has a wide knowledge and experience in the aviation industry and specifically in running airport hubs across the world. He is a good fit for KAA,” said Gen Karangi.

The new CEO is a fellow at the Royal Aeronautical Society in the UK and an accredited instructor at the International Air Transport Association.

He holds a master of science degree in air transport management and a bachelor of business administration in logistics.

The KAA board interviewed six candidates last week and submitted the names of three candidates to the CS on Saturday.

iko tu sawa, juu hatuna imani na wakenya wenzetu

KQ next… I wish

Reminds me of the days we had another Norwegian at the helm of KPA.

probably influenced by the much anticipated direct flight to/fro obozo land

As long as he performs, hakuna shida.

How did KPA, perform

Within the next 1year direct flights to America will have started

Twas during the M.O-1 era. Guy had a stellar performance though political machinations (probably by those whose toes he stepped on in the course of his duties) had him removed.

…The new MD trounced five other candidates, including acting managing director Yatich Kangugo, who emerged a distant fifth…
That’s says a lot.

Usually happens when we owe our positions to patronage rather than our competence. A little heat and we melt or bolt out of the kitchen. Seems the niggar had no clue on how to run the authority but since he was from the right tribe, alipewa kiti only to be smoked out once serious interviews were done. Sadness of living in Africa!

shows we are going somewhere, honestly I was surprised by the final choice

Am hoping that soon the full potential of KAA will be realized, does this have anything to do with Gen. Karangi ? Or it’ssomething that have been in the pipeline?

KPLC should be next.