PhD in Kenyan universities

Hello wakubwa, for those of you who have had their PhDs in Kenya, what is your advice to the young Turks seeking to pursue the same particularly in technical programs…

From my Little research, for a three year degree program on paper, most guys would take even up to 10 years or so to graduate as compared to their counterparts who opt to pursue their PhDs abroad. This is obviously discouraging and begs the question, must we all run abroad to do our PhDs, then why have the programs in our universities?


Degrees = @Sambamba

PhD supervision is now mandatory for any lecturer to rise through the ranks so ukienda pale KU sai you might even get one within 3 years…just make sure you choose a supervisor who is eager for a promotion…avoid established dons( Profs)…kwanza njaruos na mbaruyia

Alafu mbona usiende tu majuu ufanye hii kitu mara moja…kwani hampendi pesa na exposure?

Kenyans are corrupt to the extent that some Supervisors want to be bribed to assist. If you have a chance to go abroad. Please go

Still trying my luck hapa na pale nione kama nitapata full scholarship ya universities za majuu

Tribalism, wivuu na ujinga ile iko !
Anyway let me not discourage you , karibu

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If you opt for a local program, consider building a strong support network, collaborating with professors, and seeking research opportunities. Balancing work and studies might be tough, but it’s doable.On the other hand, studying abroad offers exposure to diverse perspectives and resources. It’s a personal choice. Programs in local universities play a crucial role in providing accessible education.Also, check out this Grad school Advice platform. Ultimately, the decision should align with your goals and circumstances. Good luck to all aspiring PhD candidates!

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