Ikiwa uliona ona tena.

i haven’t seen them on interpol’s website.

I thought suspects are summoned before warrants are issued.Hii naona kama ni china news.

fake, sudi is not on the list, his accounts have been frozen because of this

Does this mean that this letter is null and void then?

probably…but lets wait and see…kuna watu hawata enjoy xmas

They should be taken like yesterday.

unajua aje accounts have been frozen??

wakibebwa the two biggest counties will be without governors.

We shall conduct erections.

Naomba wangoje Sonko amalizane na hii mambo ya marble arch.

that letter is as fake as plastic rice. in an effort to authenticate the letter he overplayed his hand by adding that second last line, killing the whole letter in the process. no investigative agency worth it’s salt will tell you the nature of the infor they hold in their files.

just know I know

[COLOR=rgb(20, 20, 20)]wajameni mnapeleka kutuny wapi iyo jamaa akipewa sample ya dawa Si kichwa ita dance arutu

na Easton

Wah! This means that Governor 001 and 047 dare not set a step outside Kenyan borders. Interpol warrants are not a joke.

As long as prosecutors have evidence, suspects do not need to be summoned. You defend yourself in court. Not to prosecutors. But the article is a fake because:

  • What really is this document? A warrant, subpoena, …?
    -It is addressed to " to whom it may concern"…wtf.???

Hii ni fake kama “kichwa bila mwili” pale kwa afc show. First what is this letter? It starts with “in previous correspondence” yet it is referenced “to whom it may concern”. The content looks like a response to a previous communique. The last paragraph actually says nothing… it sounds like an innuendo, ni kama udaku. Bure kabisa