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Makueni man catches his wife red handed cheating with another man, ends up cutting his private parts with cactus

In a disturbing incident at Shimo Estate, Makueni County, a 43-year-old soldier from the Nanyuki-based Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) and a 31-year-old laboratory technician took the law into their own hands after allegedly catching a 25-year-old man in a compromising situation with the soldier’s wife.

The soldier, accompanied by the laboratory technician, apprehended the young man and subjected him to a harrowing ordeal. His hands and legs were tightly bound with a plastic rope, rendering him helpless in the face of the impending assault.

The assailants, seemingly driven by a fit of rage, transported the captive to Makueni Police Station, where they handed him over to the authorities on charges of engaging in a sexual liaison with a married woman. The atmosphere was tense as the victim, visibly distressed, awaited his fate.

During the ordeal, the two aggressors went to extreme lengths, inflicting both physical and psychological torture on the young man. Reports indicate that they pricked his private parts with a cactus, causing unimaginable pain, and ruthlessly inflicted deep cuts on his face using a sharp object.

By the time the victim reached the police station, he was bleeding profusely, bearing the brutal scars of the vigilante justice meted out to him.

In response to this egregious act, law enforcement swiftly took action. The assaulted man was promptly transferred to Makueni County Referral Hospital for medical attention, while the two alleged assailants were arrested and detained pending further investigation

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Sai @PERDITION anaskia utamu kwa mokundu cacti imemdinya poa.

Hizi news sijazipata , seems zimefika kisii faster than vile zinasabaa hapa


Mkuu tusikoseane heshima

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Kisii ni karibu kushinda kitui :rofl:

Yaani majamaa bado hawajui hakuna illegality yoyote in Kenyan law mtu kutomba bibi yako especially outside your property. Kwako unaeza piga mtu useme ulipata mwizi kwa nyumba yako . Women are not under age children or property, ukiona bibi ni Malaya just chase her but assault her na viboko asikufe but apate career ending injuries.

But ukiamua kuuwa uwa bibi na huyo jamaa pia kesi baadae

Ku SABAA ni Nini ?

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Enda uulize mamako mkitoana chawa . coomerniner

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Ushamaliza kuchungulia @TrumanCapote akijizunda tampon wee umbwaa?