Pharmacy Agwambo and Uwesmake

What is the end game here? Your repetitive juvenile insults are neither funny nor interesting. Kama mko na nyege sana ongeeni na @FieldMarshal CouchP a organize room moja kwa lodging yake kiandutu you go have a threesome. Afterwards, the bed beddings and utencils in that room should be incinerated and njuri ncheke called to perform a cleansing ritual.
Maumbwa nyinyi

The dog uwesmakende started hii tabia since his inception to ktalk under derro , talkers avoided confronting the mtoto wa Malaya mama pima mchafu pale kimilili until when pharmacy landed from klist under pseudonym kama… . This dogs must be finished and who else can do that if not pharmacy? Everyone here fears the mtoto wa mama pima mwenye alitomba mtoto wa shule form three.

@uwesmake has always been like that since wanderi days alikua anabaniwa kila siku. You must be new here so you dont know but he enjoys getting under your skin and making you pissed off:D

:D:D:D:D:D:D you are the one complaining, wacha tumalizane Tu coz no surrender nor retreat .

Somehow @PHARMACY believes that whatever he is doing is very cool, unaware that he is making a fool of himself. Aint no way in fucking hell that boy is above 25 years old

Keyhee jimit, am making fool of myself?:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D are you stupid? Who really knows me so that I make fool of myself.this is an anonymous forum for fucks sake:D:D:D I found out that you care about your reputation from strangers that’s the weakness I have for you kijana hajatahiri . How do you sleep with that smelly shit ? Call @uwesmake mtoto wa Malaya mama pima akusaidie

mama ya @Agwambo anauza kuma AIDS infested 49 bob Kondele slums

49 bob is too cheap


Unamaanisha hawa ni @Agwambo @uwesmake na Santa Claus @PHARMACY ?:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D this is the real trio raising havoc

Block some people here and you will enjoy, learn and earn from this place

@uwesmake is a liar. Block the idiot.

Ni Malaya huyo

Uchokosh itambe kutamba
The laughs i get from mama fulani anauza kuma 5bob sijui wapi after a long day of hearing mafee mushkalla are worth it… Katambe

I blocked that bukusu idiot a long time ago