Peugeot e-legend concept

The designer had a taste of the old weed.

REVEALED: It’s called the Peugeot e-Legend concept and here’s what you need to know

  • Design inspired by the original 504 coupe
  • Level four autonomous driving
  • Fully-electric
  • Designed to accommodate twin motors producing 456bhp and 590lb ft
  • Paris motor show reveal


Nice, but the concept cars rarely go into full production cars. Still a beauty

If you follow the motoring industry you will know that aspects of concept cars often get into production cars. Just look at mitsubishi…most of their concept cars are getting into production. Some few innovations are usually left out. Like those side mirrors and others that may raise safety concerns.

Ata hii ni funjot

what happened to Peugeot?..they were the toyotas of the 90s and 80s

IMO the 304 cabriolet looks equally good

Kweli! Adjustments are made to suit customers, legal requirements and costs. Sometimes different aspects of the concept are spread out among trim or classes

Vile @nyam amesema, they pick bits and pieces and integrate them into models that will get built. Watch out for those lights, hizo curves on the side panels on some future model