Petty Women

Ati sasa wife has refused to iron Enigmas clothes. What the fuak is wrong with today’s women? Good for me though. I have started by ironing all Enigmas clothes for the rest of the week, but On Sundays I will be taking them to a laundry place for ironing then dissappearing at Mwks place the whole day and showing up at 9pm very well fed and showered ready to sleep.

What about the little sister and the help?

You need to assert yourself. Call them and roar like the lion you are. Anyone who is not happy must leave.

The maid must iron your clothes.

You can not live in your own house like a refugee.

Wacha kuwa beta male

Divorce her, hire a maid to clean your house and iron your clothes then marry her sister to clean your pipes every day.
On a serious note ukikosana na bibi just maintain that silence for like a week or two na usimnyandue in that period. After two weeks utaletewa breakfast kwa kitanda

Never a dull day in the planteshen.

[SIZE=5]Never seen such a weakling in my entire life.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Bibi analeta nyef nyef na unakubali? Can never be me.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]I highly doubt this @Agwambo fellow is a njaruo. Maybe gikoyo ama maragoli.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Alafu bogi benda anaji-expose very nonchalantly. Ati ‘From today I will iron my clothes since the wife has refused’[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]@Agwambo if I spot you in Kisumu I will rearrange your facial structure.[/SIZE]


Hizi ni gani tena. Ama umekata budget ya allowance ya nyumba

Ni virusi utarudisha nyumbani.

Wee kama hii ndio mariage life wacha ikae, kuna single mother ameniandama kwa ofisi, she’s from kenol, older than me, at her age nashuku ameficha mtoto nyumbani, nimeogopa kuchukua slices because of the consequences, staki drama kwa my work place

Hehe wacha bibi aanze kutombwa nje in your face ndio utajua maana ya stress ni nini.

Take care of your self sir, let her know your life can go on without her, my guy went through the same, the wife deriberately refused even to wash his cloths. Alikua anaingia shower anashower fua cloths zenye he had akitoka bafu anahung kwa line, by fourth day, wife akamwambia awache ati anamuambisha, she toed line, mtu asikufanye desperate.

Leta pass naishi huo mtaa.

Leta hekaya mkubwa

I know a guy from upcountry who had wrangles with His wife.

He took the wife back to Her parents and demanded His dowry refund. The wife’s father being a smart ass. He lined up three young sisters of the wife and asked the guy to choose another to replace the wife.

The guy after deep thought asked to have His wife back.

The lady towed the line. She is now a pastor and the guy still supports Her.

End game.


Just play calm and silent, atakuongelesha yeye pekee yake

Stop being a beta male. Lipia house maid ndio bibi adeal na vitu serious. Unashukisha bibi to level ya maid. Peleka kwa laundry vile umesema or hire a maid…izo ni kazi ndogo below the level of a wife. Lipia house maid ndio ukuje uandike issues za maana next time.

You should take your clothes to mwks, ukiulizwa sema umezipeleka ofisi kwenye zinafaa zivaliwe.

Agwas unakuliwa nje