Petty thieves n kleptos

There is this aunt of mine who is x-mathare for real, every time I visit my parent’s place …I have to hide my handbag when she is around, or keep it in a closed closet.
Otherwise If you have notes in your wallet she has to chomoa some…last month she stole the shamba boy’s phone , mind you they were only two at the compound.Alishikwa as she was going to sell it.

There is a family friend who lives near home,(Mrs X) she chomoad money from my sister’s coat as she was from the ATM last yr…bought household items,we let it slide…n forgave her

Now juzi I placed my bag in the sitting room , when I checked my money it was gone.When I asked around Mrs X had pitiad home :smiley: , they were only two in the hse with my baby sister.She is acting all funny since…today morning my aunt asked me fr sadaka eti she has nothing, when I woke up money is missing in my bag…so I went through her bag found the exact amount tied with a hankerchief :smiley: :D…she is now back bought sme new staff hajui the xtra money she stole haiko…

I will wait and see, whether she will complain of lost money.Pple r jst kleptomaniacs ama ni tamaa iko aje…

Msiniulize mambo ya osungu sana…

maybe it’s a family thing…apa naona kura ingine ikipotea

Ati family ?? my aunt is married into our family…ni wa banana

Nipe no yake huyo jishangazi. Let me help you here.


Waaaah …hatuwezi sikizana naye

Hehehe waiting for Jirani’s comment.

he he… upige mwizi mjeredi like literally.


Sisemi kitu…ashajipeana.[/INDENT]

So u are into cougars…this one is crazy mnakosana anachoma nyumba…she has been to mathare ennuf times

He he he he he he! Yaani you lose money and just move on ama ni tu-twente bobs? Somebody enters your bag you should cause 3rd World War…next time akikuona anajua "niugurakaga’…

Mambo ya familia hatuwes ingilia. Blood is thicker than water.

Unajaribu kunyamaza na unasamehea aki…

@Purr_27 I have always imagined you carrying a backpack not a handbag :smiley:

Kleptomania like other illnesses related to other Compulsive Disorders is very treatable with the correct Therapy; seek better mental healthcare than Mathare.
Im sure there are good (private) Mental health hospitals in Kenya today.

:D:D:D:D Ni wa kwa kina @Tommy Lee Sparta Nimeishi hio place for decades…

It is in her blood, just ensure that u keep a close eye on your valuables whenever she’s around…you don’t have many options here coz she’s family

Just like fp, am into anything with pussy, huezi jua kama she wants it non stop. But enyewe if she has been to a mental hospital sioni kwa nini uwe surprised na behaviour yake.

How old is she ?