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Imagine a whole government agency being so petty that they change the rules specifically to show you the middle finger.

[SIZE=6]Jeff Bezos is NOT an astronaut! FAA changes rules for how it awards astronaut wings - and says the Blue Origin flight crew don’t comply as the ship was entirely controlled from the ground[/SIZE]

Despite flying to the edge of space, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos does not qualify for his astronaut wings, after the US Federal Aviation Authority tightened its rules.
Bezos and the crew of Blue Origin took off from their base at Van Horn, Texas, at 9.12am EST on Tuesday, the 52nd anniversary of the moon landing.
They ascended for four minutes before the fully autonomous New Shepard rocket booster separated, leaving them floating in zero gravity for four minutes.

It is the autonomous portion of the spaceflight that will see Bezos, his brother Mark, Wally Funk and Oliver Daemen miss out on their FAA-approved wings.
In order to qualify, they have to make a contribution to the flight and to human space flight safety while travelling beyond the 50 miles mark defined as space by the FAA.

It is possible Wally Funk may be given ‘honorary astronaut wings’ by the FAA for ‘demonstrating and extraordinary contribution’ to human spaceflight.
Even if Bezos doesn’t get his FAA Wings, it doesn’t take away from them going into space, as Blue Origin’s New Shepard easily passed the 50 mile mark.
This madee Bezos is the richest man to go to space, Wally Funk the oldest, and Oliver Daemen the youngest.


Amazon founder and outgoing CEO Jeff Bezos entered the space sector in 2000, two years before SpaceX was formed by Elon Musk.
Based in Kent, Washington, it originally focused on sub-orbital spaceflight services, building cheaper, more reliable and reusable launch vehicles.
They are gradually moving from suborbital to orbital flight in an incremental way and will launch humans to space on July 20.
Bezos will be on that first crewed flight along with his brother Mark, the winner of the auction, and three members of Blue Origin staff.
The firm currently has two launch vehicles, the suborbital New Shepherd, named for the first American in space, Alan Shepherd, and New Glenn, named for John Glenn, the first American to orbit the Earth.

Bezos has announced they are also working on New Armstrong, after the first man on the Moon, Neil Armstrong, although no details have been revealed.

So far, only Virgin Galactic pilots, flying the spaceplane from the cockpit, and chief astronaut Beth Moses, who flew solo in the cabin on a test flight, have been awarded the new commercial FAA astronaut wings. Nobody from Blue Origin has qualified.

With the Blue Origin New Shepard spacecraft controlled entirely from the ground, with no input from the crew on board, the new FAA criteria wasn’t met.
This could put the entire space tourism industry in doubt, experts predict, as passengers on the various spacecraft wouldn’t ‘get their wings’.

It is possible a new category of ‘space tourist’ or commercial astronaut is created to describe those who go to space purely as a passenger, rather than crew or pilots.
Mary Robinette Kowal, award winning author of the Lady Astronaut series, suggested on Twitter that astronaut should be an ‘earned term’ reserved for someone engaged in space exploration and science.

She said: ‘One of the things that bothers me is calling these passengers “astronauts.” Spacefarers, yes. I’ve felt like astronaut ought to be an earned term.’
This doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be astronauts, as the firms themselves could issue their own wings, with a tourist becoming a Virgin Galactic or Blue Origin astronaut, but they wouldn’t be issued or recognised by an independent authority like the FAA.

Blue Origin had argued that because they fly above the internationally recognised ‘Karman Line’ at 62 miles above the Earth, they meet international astronaut standards, whereas Virgin Galactic only operates to just over 50 miles.

This is the line defined as the edge of space by both NASA and the FAA, and so far only Virgin Galactic pilots, as well as chief astronaut Beth Moses, who flew solo in the cabin on a test flight, have been issued with FAA astronaut wings.

Technically they’re tourists

Merely reaching space doesn’t qualify you as an astronaut. Ata jamaa wa mogotio anaeza ekwa ndani na apelekwe. Either way I doubt he cares much he has the funds and resources to go there as much as he wants

YES IT DOES. The first man in space Yuri Gagarin just went to space and he was called an astronaut.

I’ve never seen a more stupid argument hii ni kama kusema driving a plane doesn’t make you a pilot.

I suggest you look up what it means to be an astronaut you confused moron. First off umeona wapi bezos akiendesha rocket?? What kind of training has he undertaken? He’s a businessman who boarded a ship and sat near the edges of space for a few minutes and came back. If that sounds like an astronaut to you then enda NASA uwambie unataka ku apply

Uyo jamaa una quote hapo do you know who he was and what he trained his entire life for? Can you seriously compare Yuri and Bezos seriously?

YES I CAN. You do not have to reinvent the wheel every time.

That’s because planes are not driven.

Who’s stupid now…? :smiley:

:D:D:Dyou’re seriously saying that Bezos deserves to be called an astronaut??

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Ifi the rules were change specifically to make sure he is not one, then he should be one

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Now its the things he didn’t do while onboard that kept them alive & qualify him to be an astronaut e.g. not pressing buttons willy nilly.

Ama bezos failed to bribe the relevant authorities ?

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