Petrol vehicles converted to use LPG in Nairobi

Everyone needs to convert their vehicle. LPG is much cheaper!

Won’t that rise the demand ?

How much does this conversion cost roughly?

What about power… does your car still have the same power?

Currently taxis in Nairobi are getting it done for free in Kabati. But I think it should cost you like 60K. Enda Jukwaa Lounge in Uhuru park you’ll get more info

io ni sarakasi.

It’s in the video. 55.000 KES.

:D:D:Dthese things hukushika repair and maintenance costs…plus isn’t that technically a bomb?

Lpg conversion.

It’s actually safer than petrol. The tank used to store the LPG is very strong. Plus, petrol exposed to a naked flame is also dangerous.

so imagine you and your family riding a bomb and you collide with another idiot riding his big bomb… hehe

Petrol is more expensive because this thieving government makes it so. If everyone switches to LPG, they’ll just introduce new punitive taxes for that particular type of fuel.

feed pipes, high temperatures kwa engine… hiyo si disaster waiting??

The LPG tank is stronger and much more puncture resistant compared to a petrol or diesel tank. And LPG ignites at a much hiher temp than petrol, so unlikely to catch fire outside of the engine. I would say they are as safe as any other vehicle.

Its not just the government. The fact that most cars have been designed to run on petrol is clear indicator for higher prices

Only question is, what’s the mileage vis a vis the cost of LPG?