Petrol Goes Up By Ksh 5, Tatamea Akili

Inflation and the war in Ukraine have started to bite.

Totally expected due to Russian invasion of Ukraine. Here we don’t blame gathisha nguku

Mafuta ya Kenya inatoka Arab countries, Ukraine is very far,but we all know we will blame everything before we admit gathecha fucked us

It’s a global market. Supply ikipungua kila mtu anaumia. Kutoka Bidenstan mpaka down under kila mtu anaumia. Gatheca doesn’t control global oil prices.

What happened to tullow oil…ama widow from kiambu alinyonya na akanyamaza.

Tullow is not a serious oil company. Hawana pesa ya kudevelop hio site huko Turkana. They were almost going bankrupt a few years ago.

Oil is bought in advance , hii ni upuss in the Kenyan scenario

Na vile walikuwa wanalipa workers vizuri …I admired working there after college.

Fombe pia ilipanda bei lakini mbirrionaires bado hu chafua meza… we will survive.:smiley:

I used to drink makali and keg when Tusker and Guinness were retailing at 100 bob but I now drink Guinness and Whitecap at a time they are above 200/=

But the oil that powers the ships that transports our oil is still affected.

Tuambiwe tu ukweli,how is oil cheaper in Uganda than Kenya,hata Rwanda are buying petrol at 126.78 yet that oil passed through Mombasa port

Oliskia wapi?
“Kenya is now the cheapest country to purchase diesel in Eastern Africa | Business Daily”

Wewe ni Bure kabisa ,we have a port and the necessary infrastructure and economies of scale,hio inatusaidia aje kama bei iko range Moja na say Rwanda which is over 2000 kms from any port , transportation cost and other miscellaneous cost, wewe govt spokesman ni mujingaa kabisa

The good thing with Kenya is that bonobo’s like u are plenty

Do u know the MPs u cheer after declaring that they have listened to the ground have the ultimate say?

Taxes amount to almost 47% of the pump price

Blaming uhuru is quite easy… remember these are the people,by March 2018,had no idea that uhuru is the son of jomo



Very correct

Our biting comes from konyagi poor leadership and management
Ata moi hangefikisha common mwanainchi to this poverty levels.
Gunia ya waru headed to 4800 from 2.3 k two weeks ago.
Usiseme jua cos this is a normal dry season

Gathecha has interest in the energy sector so he pays and intimidate s this mps to passing this unnecessary taxes on oil,he also can decline to sign the bill into law but we all know how that will end , gathecha ni a hyena in sheep’s skin