Petition to tame rowdy matatu. #JusticeForKiarie

Tafadhali Talkers i humbly request we sign this petition and have our voice heard so as to tame the rowdy matatu crew.
Mr Joseph Kiarie was beaten by Matatu touts at Zimmerman, Nairobi after the Matatu belonging to Marimba Investment hit his car and when he stepped out to confront them, they beat him to death. According to eye witnesses, after Kiarie’s car was hit by the matatu, he came out of the car and as he spoke with the driver of the PSV, a misunderstanding ensued and touts hit him on the back of his head with a metal rod. Kiarie, who was driving to a car wash, collapsed and died as the suspected criminals fled the scene. Please sign this petition to have all operations by the Sacco seized until they provide the culprits of this heinous act. This petition will be presented to the Director General of NTSA Francis Meja for actioning.


Nimesign…hii kitu lakini iko all over facebook except for IG. Was he a celeb ama?

Most people are signing just because they have been victims of the dimwits .I have a victim on Waiyaki way - Latema Sacco and another time by that ALL BLACKS matatu ya 105 route.
Hii hapa chini ilinivunjia side mirror the whole thing yanked off and the driver drove off just at where Barclays had the Westlands branch.


Hizo matatu za rongai ndo shenzi kabisa…once nikiwa hizo area i was harassed while riding my bike!


Nimetia sahihi.Leo ni Kiarie kesho yaweza kuwa mimi au wewe.Lets stop it before it gets out hand


Petitions hupelekwa kwa nani, na husaidia nini?


Generally watu wamechoka na ukora za hizi matatu. That’s why most of us are signing the petition.

Swali.mzuri hapo

This petition will be delivered to:
[li]Mr Francis Meja, Director General of NTSA[/li][/ul]

Signed. I wish marehemu Michuki was alive today.
We are fed up of their shit.

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The case is already beyond NTSA mandate. It’s now a criminal offence and not Traffic Offence. Sometimes we need to cut NTSA some slack!

Pole to the bereaved though.


We have a very bad culture!


Poor guy! Imagine he has a family and kids somewhere who are mourning their dad’s senseless death. MHSRIP.
Siku moja my dad and I were driving around in thika town. Somehow we got lost and ended up at the matatu station. Punde si punde our car was bumped into by a mat which was driving like crazy. Haya, my dad akatoka nje kuinspect damage. Wacha crowd ya makanga itokezee. A mean-looking mungich guy came from an office huko ndani akapea dad 5k which was kidogo given the damage. Those touts had started yelling at us ati we’re asking for too much money (20k). I got out of the car and firmly told my dad we need to get out of here. Now!
Wafungwee! They are idiots. Watu wa nduthi pia are the worst menace on the roads. Nduthis should also be regulated big time.


Sorry to inject some politics into this.

From some of the aforementioned responses, some were the biggest cheerleaders when the President called the Supreme Court Judges “wakora” and that he will deal with them. Simply because they ruled against him.

If the President does not respect the law and the institutions that are meant to execute them, how on heaven’s earth do you expect the wanainchi, these matatu touts to do it?

Everyone at that point becomes a law unto themselves. If it is rotten from the top, it is all the way to the bottom. Thus these chaos and unnecessary loss of lives. You can’t have it both ways where you cheer lawlessness because ni mtu wenyu and then want those same laws to be applied selectively.

Pole to his family for the loss. May he rest in peace.


Sasa wewe si tulienda election ingine 26th ama respect of the law means what huko kwenyu


Pole to the family but sometimes we need to learn about conflict de-escalation. I know a few friends of this guy and they tell me the guy knew how to stir trouble.

Swansea nijenge na tudollar kadhaa wachana na siasa


Does that call for killing.So he hit the matatu and went on to argue.Wewe and those friends of yours.


Nikiwa college we did a unit inaitwa business law as a common unit!!!and there was this concept known as vicarious liability ,where the employer is held liable for the negligence of his employee.i found that interesting.the same should be applied to tame matatu drivers,such that the owner will ensure he employs a competent driver.but i think the lawyers here can expound further.