Petition fines

These huge amounts of fines the poll petition losers are asked to pay, are they really worth it? Is it a way to scare away future petitioners? What if you know hauendi popote na case and withdraw before ruling, will you still pay it?
I guess this is the new cash cow for the courts. Leo Njagua analipwa 10million na Mbogo. Jakoyo to pay Elisha 3million. Tunangoja sasa ya Rasanga.

It is a good way to avoid frivolous litigation.

I think they are not exactly fines! I understand they are the costs of the particular cases incurred by the courts and the defendants. And your advocate must have advised you on the possibility of such outcome before lodging the petition.

True…otherwise the whole thing would become a farce where all losers starting from presidential to MCA losers would flood out courts with umeffi.

Funny. Kalonzo had said that NASA was banking on these petitions to bolster their numbers in the parliament by 70%! I wonder how they are faring so far?

Not a single petitioner has been charged a fine. What they are being ordered to pay is the cost of the suit. For instance, Sh10 million is the cost IEBC and the respondents have used to pay their lawyers in that particular case.
Lawyers charge different figures, and that’s why the figures are differing for every petition.

By the way if the petitioner is not charged that money, the taxpayer will foot the bill, since IEBC must pay all its lawyers across the country (hundreds of them).

This will instill discipline in the judicial system. There is a huge backlog yet people keep filing useless cases.
Also I would urge the Supreme Court to follow suit in the presidential petition. I would have liked to see Harun Ndubi’s reaction when he is told to foot a Sh500 million bill.

It’s very simple actually.
If you don’t have a solid case, don’t waste the courts time.

Is it fines or cost awards?

huyo frivolas ni mnyama mugani na anaishi wapi ?

anaishi Sikhendu karibu kwa chief. Ni mtoto wa Protus


i hope hiyo kuchoma is not providential…

Yes, you will pay, and it has already been done.