Peter Munya

I have seen many people celebrating the sacking of Kiunjuri as agriculture minister. Kiunjuri might have been a very incompetent guy but pales in comparison to the guy given to take over his job, i can guarantee you is that Peter Munya will be the worst minister of agriculture of all times. This guy is very rude, clueless and knows how to politic all times. What has he achieved in industrialization? Ask yourself . Lets wait and see. Just give this guy two years and see…

His first job should be to get a new set of teeth.

While we give him those two years do you suppose the payments to the other thief had something to do with his sacking?

Ruto will never be president. Let that sink in

I don’t care whether he becomes president or not bro… Coz whether he be or he be not i won’t benefit anything

Siasa nilikuambia zimeanza full swing.

ghaseer umbwer tucker tucker

You cannot cure diarrhoea by blocking the anus

Meria rudi kwa wazee

Hii tunajua hakna kazi atafanya apart from kuonyesha watu meno

You still think Uhuru appoints ministers on the basis of competency? Lmao

Hajui middle name ya Uhunye ni Incompetence

leta mandasi moto mkubwa

You’re scared he’ll change the Kalenjin heavy boards and agencies !

I think Uhunye ni psychopath, he enjoys seeing people suffer koz hii yake imepita incompetence, jamaa ameturusha deep end ya madeni, we have been robbed blind and taxed like subjects in an ancient kingdom, he gets off our agony. Psycho!

He is just another recycled waste…a failed politician

Ningeleta lakini huku kitu ya maana watu wanafanya ni kuitana kihii ghaseer hakuna material


What would I gain or lose if Ruto became president or not?

Stop it.