Peter Munya is our leader

Kiraitu should take a back seat. Peter Gatirau Munya is the man to give is direction in Meru land.
No. 2 is our very able Governor for Tharaka Nithi Muthomi Njuki.

In unrelated news, how did that case between Kithure Kindiki and his chick end?

And now a random picture

There were quotes you used to like to make . "Let everybody keep f****ng because everyone does it " why did you stop:D:D:D

No way bro … y’all couldn’t find better.

How about Paul Kobia?

Peter munya sounds really sober. I’d vote for him

Hehehehe …

I just love this “Our” business that you hear all the time …

Who appointed him ( or you , for that matter ) to speak on our behalf …?? :D:D

Kajinga kamesema bei ya fertilizer haitashuka anytime soon

Classless lout that man