Peter Kenneth In Smooth Greek

Sorry for the non-Greek speakers, but this is the only way to evaluate Peter Kenneth against his Jubilee opponent:

The presenter spoils it by pledging her vote and appearing too biased, but it is nevertheless a good glimpse into PK’s politics.

Still Sonko is a strong contender

Huyu mjamaa angechukua hiyo kiti ya governor 2013 kaa si iyo tamaa yake… sahi afadhali ang’ang’anie murang’a, raia wameamua ilovi ni ya sonko

Niya Sonko ndani kabisa.


Setting yourself up for disappointed?

Hii ya Sonko vs PK the votes will not count, the counting is what will give us the winner. And we all know how it will end.

Harafu Kidero spoils the party come August . :D:D:D

A very likely scenario, Sonko would take Kidero down saa mbili asubuhi.

Then you are in for a big suprise brother.

Let’s wait and see.

Okay will help you bookmark this.

Umezungumza na raiya yote?

How do you know,? Stop clutching at straws like a drowning man.

That is my opinion, you have yours too. Ubaya wenu kucatch catch ovyo ovyo. Which straws am I clutching at?

Wewe ndio umecatch, wetu na nani? Name one instance where votes did not count? This is jubilee not the one man show where direct tickets are issued.

This is a clear testament to your intelligence levels.

introsquirt asione hii juu atakuletea trakta

@Tarantinoh mtu wangu please read this statement again. Slowly. Then read between the lines. Slowly. You will see what Kende Mosi aka @Mundu Mulosi anasema.

If the powers that be in 2mbili do not want the alleged pharmacologist as the ilovi county boss,he won’t be. Then the votes won’t count. Its the counting of votes that will count…comprende?

Hasn’t happened anywhere else, what makes you think it will in Nairobi?
Assumptions ni za Nini?