I would vote for RAILA come 2022 …not because he is the cleanest leader ,but because he is the least dirty of all the candidates with mass support (RUTO).



People hate peter kenneth simply because he went against UHURU and vied for presidency …which is stupid , ethnic & backward reasoning :meffi::meffi: …
Looking at what he did in GATANGA and KENYA RE , this is the man this country needs in this century…unlike the others , PK is a businessman , i hear he is very wealthy…and self made… PETER KENNETH for prezzy !

This Peter Kenneth has no African name ama what-is?

I wish his chopper drops from the sky …AMEN o_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_O

Na KFF je??? ama ni amnesia kura yangu ni ya Dr WSR

Best person suitable to shun tribalism…I think ni mtoto wa single mother or something …siko sure tho

Kivutha Kibwana

I wont deny that or niwatetee…I am not a fanatic…All am saying is …

Ruto is greedy …everything Ruto has stolen is known , can be touched and seen …AND RUTO IS STILL STEALING FROM THE PUBLIC…but what Raila and Peter kenneth are said to have stolen is mostly speculative …I am not saying they did not steal …but… even if they did steal , it’s good they can talk about it openly and give evidence that they didn’t…enda ujaribu kuuliza RUTO about WESTON or that Beach hotel being biult as we speak uone vile kutaenda…


Funny thing is Governor Sonko , Kivutha Kibwana and Governor Mutua are all P.R products…There is always a camera when they do sh** , be afraid of such people…

so unasema kama hakuna evidence kila kitu iko sawa??

Can these men withstand attacks by tough political opponents such as Raila? Because that is what it all boils down to. If they can’t then they should forget presidency. IMHO non of them can.
It is a good thing to think of development but development doesn’t exist in isolation. It’s always accompanied by its evil twin called politics.
We all saw how dysfunctional the government was under Kibaki and we nearly descended into a civil war. Because Kibaki was soft just like PK.
God forbid if Kibaki was the president during 1982 attempted coup. Tungekuwa kama Liberia or Angola or South Sudan for years.

Don’t vote. Organise your affairs such that when worse gets to worst, your family will be secure. Ivo tu

Nasema ,if you suspect someone is a thief , and you approach them …you would feel at ease , if the suspect was willing to engage you than if they threatened you …it’s common sense ! RAILA & PETER KENNETH usually explain the source of their wealth …they engage anyone on the corruption allegations … Ruto dares you to go to court with evvidence… WTF !

I have been around Makueni, i have friends who have been there too, tumejionea the good work he is doing. One of the things i particularly liked was a program the Governor launched which is meant to encourage public participation within the subcounties, Kibwana is the real deal.

Peter Kenneth is useless and shouldn’t vie for any political office, Mutua is not serious, and Kibwana atakuwa 100 years 2022 so he won’t physically be able to vie. Uliam 2022.

None of those.

Remember when Raila threatened people with the same got ot court when he was asked about the molasses plant and the money he took from Bondo pple,the same for pk when he was asked about a house he stole from Kenya RE…Wacha kuwa na subjective memory loss

Wewe uko na ujinga ati Peter Kenneth…tumpigie kura apotee for 5yrs then atokeleze during the next elections…bure kabisa

A leader’s personality is not a guarantee to anything …

ABRAHAM LINCOLN , thomas jefferson , John F kennedy , Nixon , Hitler …were all introverted,cool people…