Petann's Advert

I can’t remember any other entertaining advert as this.;t=2

Mnazipi zingine jameni…


:Dcan’t take them seriously

Shitty school

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@Eng’iti kuja uone gopore

Na ile ina run saa hii ya mshamba anachanga network?

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very shitty!!

Didn’t we discuss this shit here some time back?

You n who?

mahali hiyo ad imefika, madam just hears the jingle beginning and she changes the channel very fast.
it’s been overplayed.
for such ads they should have a variety of around 5 and introduce them every 2 weeks. then rotate.
buuuut anyway…:slight_smile:

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Shitty school, but cool advert.

Mashakura ad was the best…na ingine ya Guiness Ticket ad is one of my fav, Ya Faiba Transformers…kijana yangu anaisikianga akiwa amedoz anaamka na kuruka ruka just out of nowhere <<—made me get interested in that ad mpaka nkamdownloadia:D:D:D

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Guiness ad

Faiba Transformers

For a shitty school, there’s something they’re doing right.


hio shule ilibenefit vimajor from NYS money

Pathetic school! !

That explains the expansive fleet, that’s grown a hundredfold in just a couple of years.

Advertising to the right market is what they’re doing right, I think