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Since Talkers love this topic so much I’ll just leave this here:[ATTACH=full]282022[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]282023[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]282024[/ATTACH]

Kheri I marry a single mother with 2 kids from different fathers like @TrumanCapote than ku marry pokoste.

Unangoja wakati ule mdota wa Truman afike 16yrs na amemea matinye unamrarua. Kula kuku na kifaranga msee

Pia @Finest wine ako ligi moja

No self respecting man would settle down with a prost.

Ati Kula Kuku na kifaranga senzi

:D:D:D:D @TrumanCapote Kapondi umetajwa

The audacity.

Kama unatoa soo moja chot na uchungu, hiyo kitu utaioa kweli??


:D:D:D:Dher confidence

Sina pesa ya kulelea wanaume watoto my fren. Kama kuna kazi niliapa sitawahi fanya ni hiyo. Wacha tuende share. My money is my money. Yours is for your children. Si musema Wana wake hawana mbegu. So why should a woman raise for you your mbegu. Hawa mapoko they are in poko business to raise men’s kids so wacha kuwadharau.

Why don’t you just marry your own daughter since Naona uko na ile pepo instead of kunyemelea peoples daughters.

Single moms I always advice never to remarry if you have daughters who are not out of the house unaona akili ya Hawa wanaume. They marry you to access your daughter.

And also never leave your daughter alone with any man even if it’s her biological father because you can see the rotten kind of men we have in our society who reason like this. Huwezi jua kama wako ni mmoja wao until your daughter has already been molested so prevention is better than cure wengine hata ni mashoga so boys are not safe either. Kids should not be left alone with men especially step fathers.

Waaah!She hit the wall head first

:D:Dfour kids in this economy??

Former lanye and 4 kiddos. That must be the joke of the century!

I like her guts…trust me kuna betamale ataingia box

When I see something like that I am sorry for such people who do not have a brain and post something like that.
In general, if anyone has noticed the topic of the discussion is “Pet topic” and this topic should be discussed.
When I saw this topic I had the intention to ask who has chinchilla as a pet here and can help me with something.
Lately, I’ve been asking myself the question how to tell if chinchillas are fighting or playing and I found a site but I don’t know how true what is written there is.
Does anyone know anything about this topic?

Top definition. pet topic. Is a prefer topic of discussion · I follow political news so politics is one pet topic of mine (Urban Dictionary)

You know, you never know. Look what McAfee ended up with!