Pet sematary

Been so long since I last watched a horror flick, hope it kicks !

Read the book. More terrifying

Angalia the original kwanza (1989) after hio, try to watch Veronica (2017) if you’re into horrors

Jump start you senses. Some of us resurrected. Your life will never be the same again

Stephen King … The King of Horror.
He should visit Arror and come up with a horror story movie.

Jaribu IT ama Christine

The first release was pretty horrifying

If you read books more often than you watched the lobotomy tube, you’d never write cemetery phonetically as shrubbed.


Mea culpa. Hapo umenigonga uppercut ya wiki. o_O

Hehe… good one

Oh so someone thought we were bimbos

Guys saying horror books are more terrifying are absolutely correct. Funny enough, it’s difficult to out down such a book once you start.

Nachukia works by Stephen King. Can’t go past the first chapter, no matter how hard I try, knowing that I am missing something special. Yaani akili inanok