A couple of years ago a friend of mine was down after some investments went south,almost everybody lengad him including people in his family,kuoneshwa madharau hapa na pale.Fast forward he is now making some serious money and the people who lengad him are back calling him every time,madharau imeisha kungurus who never wanted to talk to him now offering pussy like its running out of style.He actually told me prefers people who still dharau him than all these people around him.swali ni what’s with money that makes people treat you differently when you have it and when you don’t?

Pesa ni sabuni ya roho. Mkono mtupu haulambwi.

Money makes an ugly guy handsome, a poorly mannered man very attractive; this according some to people. That said, money has the ability to make friends than a sweet tongue.
Kuna dame nlikuwa nakatia kitambo and I told her my humble background story. She told me on my face, she does not date former street boys and orphans. Forward to 2019, when she heard I was doing well majuu and that I had visited Kenya; dame aliniambia ni shetani alimwingia kichwa hio siku…

Pia shetani huwekelwa SAA zingine.

No one owes you anything. Your value or worth is based on what you bring to the table. Now money being the most important resource to most people, the lack of it makes people avoid you.

It’s never personal

Pesa yako ni volume yako,how you speak to others says alot about your status