Pesa ya wizi haina utamu :My multi millionaire friends live like rats

Friend 1:
Anafanya serikali. Alinukisha kitunguu time ya kibaki . Salary around 200k but that is peanuts considering that ako na flats 3 and collects more than 1.3 million a month in rent.
Property zote ziko in the name of the wife for obvious reasons.
This rat of a friend would love to drive a nice European car but hawezi nunua because of the eyebrows that it would raise. Drives a wingroad and stays in Kasarani huko hunters.
Another rat like behaviour is that hawezi shika simu hajui.
Bibi akiamua she can royally fuck him and there is nothing he can do about it. Jamaa anakuanga na baridi kila saa and the money has not improved his life.

Rat 2
Anafanya pia na serikali
Position yenye yuko hunukisha kitunguu mbaya. Millions a month.
He’d love to be flashy or live in Runda but hawezi. So ilibidi ajenge Utawala which he doesn’t like but if he wants to move to Karen he has to wait mpaka retirement which is 20 years away .
Has a range rover but it’s only used to go to shags. Haiwezi kanyanga town lest workmates waione. His daily drive is a beat up Toyota sienta.
Wife ni sumbua and he suspects amegawa slices but she would royally fuck him in a divorce/separation case so ni kupambana na pressure zake.
These two and many other cases have convinced me that hii pesa ya wizi haina raha. You can’t enjoy the fine things in life juu ya pressure.

Rat 3
Ako hapa kenyatalk.Anajiita @Sambamba
Guy cant mind his own business .Kazi ni kuangalia angalia wanaume wenzake wanaishi VIP
Am sure akiendelea hivi atajipata ameoleka

hekaya za base za miraa

Sijawahi sikia mtu anaogopa kutumia pesa ya wizi Kenya. Kuiosha ni rahisi. So, hizi zako ni hekaya.

This story has been shared here again

Hao marafiki zako ni maskini but huwa wanakudanganya wana pesa usiwadharau.

Which one would you u rather be… A poor man for real or act poor knowing uko sawa tu…?

Mimi Najua what i don wanna be

Rats drive a Toyota Sienta and Nissan Wingroad in your circle, I suppose pigs fly G4’s.

Eishhh kuwa mpole kwa mjamaa

These are stories of men who lack ideas on how to wash their ill-gotten gains in Nairobi… Now they live rat-like lives due to their lack of creativity…

Niko na neighbor pia anafanya kwa ministry yeye ako na maploti kadhaa but anavaanga suti za mtumba na anaenda job na mat yet kwa parking ako na vanguard mbili… alikuanga iebc siku ya kivuitu but he was transferred to a different ministry when they fucked up.

Anyone working in town will tell you that often, matatus are more convenient than personal vehicles depending on where your office is. I know a few birrioneas who prefer using matatus when going to town instead of their personal vehicles. Na by personal vehicles namaanisha TX and above. Often utapata parking iko mbali sana na ofisi zao yet stage ya ma3 iko hapo chini.

i think wewe ndio rat na utakula stitches ngoja tu

@Sambamba this is a very prescient observation. Most thieves are outed due to lack of self discipline. Most people cannot resist the urge to show off and flaunt their I’ll gotten wealth. This generates envy in our society and engenders resentment especially amongst peers and workmates. These are the people who snitch on looters.

You heard it today, at Rubia’s funeral in kandara, the story of the clerk who earns 16K and is worth 600M.

That is why in many organizations it is best to ensure your workmates know very little about your personal life. Don’t invite them home etc.

Mali uko nayo but you are not able to enjoy the attendant benefits that it supposed to bring. You even hide from your workmates the names of the expensive schools that you take your kids to avoid raising eyebrows.
Maisha mbaya sana.
I know one guy who was investigated and fired after he cleared a bar bill. Wakiwa company retreat the nigga na ulevi zake offered to pay the 120k alcohol bill to impress some kunguru workmates of his mbele ya his boss.

Mteja Nyahururu alilipa ama bado unatafuta OCS afanye evection?

Story ziliisha kitambo sana. Umeenda kusalimia wazazi Kahawa Sukari??

OP post a lot of BS to suit his MGTOW nonsense. Notice how both guys “can be royally fucked by their wives”

Msitusumbue tutaoa

Nimekuwa huko for the last one week.

That is the reality… I know somebody who works for KRA and is a billionaire but drives an old Isuzu pickup to his office… what the hell… Several other rats working for the same Gava ask the contractors to buy brand new SUVs registered in the name of the contractor’s company for themselves and for their wives!! ODPP and DCI catch them of you can!! Anyway, they made their beds, let them lie on them!