Pesa ya barabara imekulwa

When the government withdrew the use of Ksh1,000 old bank notes in June 2019, several people with both ill-gotten wealth and savings were in a rush to beat the government deadline, without raising suspicion.
Among them was Kenya Rural Roads Authority deputy director in charge of supply chain management Margret Wanja Muthui, who bought 35 apartments in just four months.
According to revelations by the Asset Recovery Agency (ARA), Ms Muthui bought 11 apartments in Kileleshwa for Ksh264 million between July and September 24, 2019.

Huyu ni mama mjinga sana.

You men someone had KES 264 mIllion stashed in the house ?

Saa hii ndio wanachukua rent.
Aaala! ARA!

Na hatalala ata siku moja ndani, shithole country.

In such a situation is the seller (of the properties) guilty as well? Accepting proceeds of crime?

what a foolish woman

are you saying the seller should demand and wait proof of source of income?..[SIZE=1]when the banks are chasing for loan repayments?[/SIZE]

That was damn shit…


I read somewhere in such huge deals you are supposed to do due diligence/ know your customer (KYC).

for the banks…yes. But a developer wants to turn over very fast to avoid losses. The cash at times helps ‘move’ things whilst avoiding the lender’s bureaucracy.

Okay but if they simply asked for her tax returns for the past 3 to 5 years they could have easily known whether she is capable of raising such sums of money. They will be in court together.

If that “somewhere” is not the constitution of Kenya, acha ibaki hekaya tu.

No wonder she went to court to stop her transfer

kwani kila mtu anaiba hii kenya

This is not the work of a developer or seller. Just like how a fruit vendor does not ask the buyer for their source of money when buying fruit.

haiya, we huibi.
umelalia maskio.

usijaribu kusema tuende maandamano juu utakua peke yako.
si tutakua tunaiba

Not so much. Imagine having to change so much money within such a short time! Truth is, there are many other such guys who have done more brazen things during the same period, but maybe they are untouchable or in some way they have conspired with the system to get away with it. But huyo mama atasumbuka sana from leo, if she doesnt take care she will end up like the Ngiritas (where are they nowadays?) And what became of PS Omolo of NYS saga?

Even fruit worth ksh 264M?