Pesa ya Activism ni Tamu Like Meat of Rabbit

Tukiwa na msito Okis tukisikiza vile corruption ni mbaya. Hii maisha ya activism naona nikiingilia head first. Hii pesa ni tamu bwana. Show up, listen to stupid speeches, imbibe alcohol at the cocktail, pocket your share and fuck off. Who wouldn’t want that? Okiya Omutata loves this country to bits. Too bad stupid luhyas in Busia refused to vote for him and voted for corrupt Wako instead. In all this charade about fighting corruption, he is the only truly committed one. The rest of us are in it for the allowances and the cocktails.

Delete .csi wako active mbaya huku:D

I am soon joining the elite club nitoke kwa hii kijiji duni anyway!! Wewe pia ni culprit wa hii maneno.

Mnapewa mangapi?

Kumbe umezeeka ivyo, you look old ata kuliko uyo omutata

Very homosexual statement, kwani unataka kutomba omutata

Ndio maana nyi hutetea mzungu juu anawapea paycheck.

Ingia ndani ujionee. Bila hio, baki na hekaya za muguka base.

No. Hii pesa sii ya mzungu. Ni ya hapa hapa nchini.

Share the opportunity. I will participate for the money only if it does not involve promotion of the LGBTQ agenda.

Leta back pass nikuje meeting ya next

Next jig ikitokea lazima nikuite. In the meantime, start practising NGO-speak ndio usiwe out of place sana. Practice the following stupid words, phrases and quotes among many. You will need them at the introduction and cocktail stages:-
[li]Distiction between state and non-state actors,[/li][li]Affirmative action,[/li][li]Beneficiaries ,[/li][li]Accountability for results[/li][li]Bottoms-up development,[/li][li]Civil society involvement ,[/li][li]Community capacity building,[/li][li]Demand-driven approach,[/li][li]Be the change you want to see in the world,[/li][li]“You fight for what’s right, you set that vision of where we could be—and then you go after it yourself.” ,[/li][li]“A few people of integrity can go a long way.” ,[/li][li]“Don’t tell us all the reasons this might not work. Tell us all the ways it could work.”[/li][/ol]

@magreb kama ivo ndo ulikua umevaa kwa event ya Transparency International nakujua

That is where you go wrong. Usiingie tuu fwaa. What areas interest you. Hint; governance, environment, poverty reduction, climate change etc. Once you figure that out, have your ear on the ground on events happening in your area of interest and purpose to attend. Armed with stupid quotes, NGO-Speak and killer networking skills, your break will come soon. I might holla next time there are such events ujaribu bahati yako. I am not so much into the activism but i show up once in a while in my old circles, collect per diems, network, drink free alcohol and if luck fuck some post wall feminists and single mothers.

Kunijua sio rahisi hivyo. I change like a chameleon. Good kama ulikuwepo. Uliona vile tulikemea ufisadi?:D:D:D

Kaa mbali na climate change/environment :D…that’s my stronghold

The rate at which humans are raping the environment cannot be reversed by one man. It requires a strategic multi-pronged futuristic approach.:D:D

[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]strategic multi-pronged futuristic approach [COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)]ni msamiati common kwa watu wa NGO’s

Ya mahomo naskia ndio iko na pesa mzuri

Naona pia wewe hupendi ufisadi:D:D:D:D