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True. But consumers will get the best deals kukiwa na compe so we should be happy as consumers.

really? :eek::eek: so hautatumia Southern Bypass because it’s a Jubilee Development… hata pia Huduma Center huwezi enda? :smiley: :smiley:

Mimi huenda because baba alikuwa the architect or brainchild , siendangi huduma mimi huenda kwa chief wa kijiji if I need anything ,ngombe wewe:) wacha kukojolea thread ya @Grundy . Tupatane kwingine


Unacheka nini

Hapo pa ‘brain child’ ndio kicheko iko

na ukituma pesa kwa wrong number?

Wacha mcheso:rolleyes:

Banks make huge amounts of money clearing cheques, uncleared cheques overdrafts and also trade with your money for a few days before the cheque clears

Ile siku half a milli itaenda tu missing…

asiposema alituma how much hatuwezielewa

unasema nini mrembo?

Its a good service,fast and convinient. Lakini mobile transfer ni baba yao. Mpesa i can receive payment from usa, canadavan europe, no to mention vile iko so convinient within.
Id give it 7/10

hii pesalink will eradicate cheques na upuss ya them bouncing… We have already started receiving payments via pesalink.

Give it time to grow, it will be a big hit. Kwanza kwa motor car sales na buroti maguta maguta businessmen.

I agree.
Bounced cheques are a nuisance I cant wait to see the back of.
Those saying mpesa is still numero uno, can you transact business worth over 140k per day? mpesa only serves retail market i.e small day to day transactions.
Businesses that want to move larger amounts instantly e.g car dealers, pale kwa quary ukilipia lorry after imejazwa, watu wa mafuta etc pesalink is godsend.
Also, dont you feel the country was at the mercy of one company (safcom) in terms of moneytransfer? If mpesa fails for 2days, biz ngapi ndogondog

Haiko kwa KCB au Chase?

hizi ndio banks ziko live sahii according to their site


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Kuja statehouse Sunday