Pesa Link

I used this Pesalink to transfer half a milli the other day and I was amazed. This thing is seamless, quick and affordable (free at the moment). It’s a very good innovation from KBA and I really hope it will give mpesa a run for their money.

Uotp! Nini hii inaitwa pesa link? Please school me

Hehehe…it’s a money transfer platform that banks who are members of Kenya Banker’s association have come up with that you can use to send and receive money from accounts of people who bank with these banks. Iyo kitu ni real time and pretty good man…I don’t get why banks are not marketing it well enough.

Humble bragging.

Can it do intenational?

Nah…it’s local for amounts between 10 bob to 999,999

give credit where it’s due. This is Jubilee development.

So writing checks will be invalid? I hate writing checks and receiving ones. This is good. Let me go kwa hiyo website. Hii itamaliza mpesa kimpango

Not at all man bro. It was a transaction that I was doing so it’s nothing to brag about and there are so many guys who handle way much more money.

:smiley: sikupi like but won’t deny you emoji…anyway you are my friendly rival. I’ll give you a like uwe VS :slight_smile:

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

It’s a Kenya Banker’s Association development. Let’s not spoil a noble initiative with politics.

hehehe… I know, was just pulling @Abba’s leg

Wow I like it.

Sijui mbona mimi hu prefer M Mbesha.

Hehehe…utafanya akose kutumia akiskia Jubilee imetajwa.

Nilipigwa ngeta buda in 2009 when I was on the line to withdraw 15k. The money you are given everyone is watching with hawk eyes

Mpesa is here to stay mpende msipende

Pesalink comes in handy when you want to transfer money directly to someone’s account, it is cheaper as the max charge will be 200 after the grace period expires and it has a limit of 999,999.

:D:D ukweli I’ll refuse