Pesa irudi sasa.


Hizo mamilioni zote JSKS amewaptia lazima zirudi.

Deadline 28th February:D 37mill inaingia kwa account from his 150Mps alone

Hii ni official, kuna ile ingine ya kununua party certificate, hapo ndio minofu iko.

Ruto owns the star and he is using it as a propaganda machine…

why should women pay less? WTF?

affirmative action? … women and youths should be encouraged to view for political positions because they are underrepresented.

That is bullshit and you know it. Democracy is about attaining the desires and aspirations of the majority. That should start with a level playing field.

So you make it easier for “women and youths” to ascend to parliament, [the same "women and youths" who will be jostling for the elective positions with men] at whose expense? Is that not a form of rigging? It is like a football match pitting men and women, only that the ref demands that for there to be equality, there be 15 women up against 9 men and that the men must have their hands tied behind their backs.

Fućk that!


I concur. The concept is fucked up to the core

Short-sighted. Democracy iko sawa. They are not being elected. Only participating in party nominations. The will of the people will still prevail in party elections (ideally) and the general action.

Asking a young person to pay the same amount as an octogenarian who has been in politics for decades or monied current representative who is stealing everything is inherently unfair.

:D:D no it is not. It IS EQUALITY.

Equity v. equality