Pes 19 Crack by CPY is OUT

Kwa Peasant pc gamers wale hawawezi afford some few dollars for games good news pes 19 finally imecrackiwa… I can’t share links tafuta torrents huko 1337x then ngoja seeders waongezeke otherwise utadownload na 10kbs…[ATTACH=full]211133[/ATTACH]


Hii ni Umeffi, tunataka FIFA 19 crack.

Peasantry ni gharama tupu

Iniesta anafanya nini hapo? PESchieth

Unadhani game hudevelopiwa end of season? by kitu april hua full game iko ready sasa si minor tu updates unadhani beta versions hua any different from the main?

Hii ni poa considering PES19 inakaa ikona better gameplay than FIFA 19.

peeassant!! nunua game wacha ujinga

wacha nikifika shule nimalize hii shiet

Nice, just when i acquired a gaming monster.

specs… ? n mbisha

game makers deliberately allow security flaws so games can be cracked to make more addicts.
just like microsoft does with windows with fake key activation.

Wewe nani alikudanganya… Drm companies are employed with a purpose and some games eg FIFa 16 are never cracked… Na uliskianga story ya voksi ule alkua anajua kucrack denuvo properly how he was acted upon… Game developers have nothing to do with DRM brathe… Na unajua drm companies hulipwa additional fee by how long hio game imekaa bila kucrackiwa… Sasa unataka kusema hizi cracks hutokea even before the official game imetokea game dev huallow deliberately…

I think so. they even know the crackers.

You pay more than one million dollars for a drm software then kubali crack itokee hata before official game huh? Rethink your statement… And demo’s are there for a reason. Kuna wale hata addiction iwe aje hawawezi buy game bora crack itatokea

Tuma link ya torrent otherwise wewe ni meffi

I dont know if sharing of pirated content is allowed @Deorro

PES 19 is gonna flop big time. FIFA outbid them on rights to their last bastion- UEFA Champions league and Europa to a smaller extent. hii game ni shell sasa. FIFA from now on are king

Do u play fifa ile uko nayo ama ile ya kucheza kwa mtu/ ps / video games arena… coz Fifa 19 is crap I have the game… Ask me… Bullshit tu… Naregret kubuy heri ningeendelea kucheza 18 but i guess with the regular updates itakua sawa

still on 18 but nimeguza 19 kiasi.
what is the main issue na 19? for me I thought it was ok from the little time i played. inafact nadai kuishika this Dec

Bugs zimejaa sana… Hujaaona hata youtubers most wakiirant kila saa na kucomplain… More bugs na more unrealistic things kama kitu inaitwa timed finishing yenye ukimaster u will score very many OP unrealistic goals hata GK akue De gea… Just check yt na subreddit / facebook groups za fifa utaona .