Personal - which bank is friendly?

Hello, i am currently applying for a personal loan at my bank (ABSA) and the experience i am having so far is not pleasing: from the rate the offered - 23.5% to the amount of forms i am being told to fill in. Mind you the amount i qualify for is 4m and i only need like 500k to sort out something quickly.

I know Covid defaults shafted banks a good one, but believe we are past that and banks are back to their pre covid profitability levels. Is there anyone experiencing the same at Absa? Is there any bank that can be said to be friendly with their terms and application process?

Depends on your risk rating. Wewe vumilia na ujaze. In other news, interest rate ya banks ilifikaje 20+%? I left it at 12.5% ama ilikuwa 13. Anyway, enda SCB.

I was also surprised imefika huko. Will go back to SCB, Absa ni equity tu.

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23.5%??? Kama ni ukweli which I highly doubt hao ni shylocks tuu. How many investments can generate that return?? Unless you are taking that loan to save your life, nothing else is worth that return. Nashuku ni school fees inakupipinya makeii. Man up upeleke mtoto shule unaweza afford bila kujiweka kwa madeni.


KCB interest rate iko 17.84%

Goddamn interest rates in shithole Kenya are atrocious. It’s crazy that we’re crying over 8% rates here in Sodom. There was a time rates zilikuwa 2%.

Waah, aty 23? Zakayo amefanyaa…

Faulu bank is 24%

The problem nowadays with Kenyan banks is that they lend the government,Sure returns.Ndio maana when every sector of economy is failing,akina Mwangi Equity always boast of billions in profits.Interest rates shot as banks are not really competing for retail loans.So jaza hizo forms na uvumilie.If possible join sacco yenye your friends who can guarantee you wako(they loan you back your savings with interest)


Sina mtoto bado Gathee, kuna ka farming process nataka kuanza that requires like 500k. Its likely to return more than 23 5% p.a but evdn then i cant borrow at such a high rate

Rafiki Microfinance Bank, best business partner

Uwesmake, how’s Kenya women?

Try partner up with a couple of friends wenye mtachanga. Paying 20+ interest is madness. Usijaribu.

I agree with these remarks. 23% is overkill. With inflation, you will shifted well well.

Is it on a reducing balance au ni hivyo mzima mzima?.

…banks ni mzima mzima bro sio kama Saccos…


Very very very bad idea Elder.Abandon that project altogether because if that what you intend to use the loan for,you are shafting yourself without lube

By now ushachukua but let me give my two cents. Kama unaqualify for 4m at 23%, salo yako iko sawa. Just take the 500/600 ulipe na 1 year na kama majukumu ni mob 2 years tops and you’ll be fine.

High interests across all banks signal the economy is not that good ie people qualify for less debt hence they spend less. Jambas should think of caps kama Mlevi1.

Check for hidden fees not interest rates. Jaribu Iqwiti ama KCB

24% utakua philosopher