Period Sex ...Tamu or Yuck/disgusting

Wanakijiji @TrumanCapote ,…Just because you’re having your period doesn’t mean you have to forego sexual activity. For some women, sex during menstruation can be even more pleasurable than at other times of the month.

The need for lubrication lessens during your period, and having an orgasm can soothe period-related symptoms, such as cramps[ATTACH=full]474328[/ATTACH] @Yuletapeli …have you ever gone into the bloody hole either orally or mjuluzzy

Mbwa wewe. umeffi thread :meffi::meffi:

From experience?

Meffi gani na ni reality, most ladies enjoy seges during pees

@miritiandes …zoea damu wachana na meffy[ATTACH=full]474329[/ATTACH]…a normal monthly occurrence,…most men when their ladies are on pees, they pressure them for mkia…yaani meffi, why not get into the bloody stuff, for the ultimate satisfaction of them lady

Dracula mKuria kama uko ubao tafuta dishi kwa kisima sio quarry ya ndarugo ya hio danguro sheboon

Ni nini sasa hamuezi ingisha mti bana? Si ata mkipata mbuzi au paka kwa bedroom mnaeza kafinya and pretend nothing happened.

Sum women are HORNIER on their periods


Pucci Iko na damu inataste kama liver ya ngombe

So thats your experience…

Usilete hekaya.

Kuna scent weird na ni a different wetness. Otherwise kumwaga ndani bila stress during that time

Who in their right mind would put his mouth in a pusssy that’s bloody and stinks?

We have psychopathic perverts in this world, beyond redemption…tembea ujionea mengi

vitu zenye @Tacobra huwa ana google banae

I kent

@uwesmake anadeenyanga mkia za @Finest wine @Weyn na @Demakuvu combi akitumia periods za @TrumanCapote kama military grade lube.