Perfect example of US scams
China’s new cancer drug Toripalimab is approved in the US but will cost 30 times more.

This case is particularly interesting because high drug prices in the US are always sold to the public as “the cost of innovation”, but obviously in this case the innovation happened in China so it’s pretty crystal clear it’s in fact just Americans getting screwed by their healthcare system…

I keep insisting US GDP is nonsense.

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USA is shithole with nukes.

Capitalism is the worst CANCER.


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The homosexuals are stinking rich , you can’t compare slit eyed shaolin dogs with united states rich citizens

Fly to China and get your dosage there. Cheaper than buying the same from US big pharma fucktards.

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The only thing that US Big Pharma does is to change the name of the drug:

Toripalimab in China

Loqtorzi in the USA.

Anyway its good for their Gee Dee Pee. Largeeeest econony in the universe.
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Siku ingine nikitomba mama ya @KenyaMutu alikua amevaa hio Gotha ya American flag .akanishow aliokota githurai na thate

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Funny how jabronies in this thread fixate on America while we have the exact same problems right here in Vumbistan. I’ve been treated for cancer in both Kenya and India, and while everything is upwards of triple the price here (including doctors’ consultation fees) than in India, the Kenyan doctors still couldn’t treat me effectively and as a result, I had to fight cancer three separate times.
I contracted cancer twice here in Kenya over the course of a year, whereas I was in India for only four months and I came out clean as a fucking whistle.

The Kenyan medical situation is a joke, and pointing and laughing at Burgerland only serves to show how absolutely clueless you meatpipes are.


Very self serving narrative

Bad governance, lack of integrity, and superstition in all its forms are the cause of Africa’s woes

US healthcare is very expensive. I saw a documentary where patients had to go across the border to Mexico to get treatment at 1/3 of the cost in US.

Holy fuck dude! Umepitia mengi mzito. Does anything faze you anymore?

Yep. Super Mario 3 world 1 level 4 makes me want to kill myself.