Pepper lovers and enthusiasts hot do you like it?

Imei hawes kula chakula bila ibiribiri hata kwa nyumba nimenunua 5ltrs ya processed one. In my countless ulevi endeavors I have literally tasted different kinds with mutura, mayai boiro or smokies. I thought I had seen them all until I met these sons of bitches! Fam if you ever come across them run for your dear lives! They are from the devil Jezebel herself! Even water won’t salvage the situation! Waah just one in my kachumbari yesterday and my behind is on fire this whole morning! My stomach is running like shit ! Consider yourselves warned!
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Hutu ni tu saitan,kamoja tu ikiweka kwa tumbukiza unapona hangover instantly.

That’s firifiri mbuzi. I love it’s flavour and aroma.

Hizi ndio huitwa jalapeño? Very hot!

If you touch em , make sure you don’t touch near your eyes. You may need to go the the ICU.

Pili pili chilli imetosha.

Hehehe…naweza pata wapi hutu tusaitan,I would like to try them

Enda any supermarket frequented by wahindi ama pale ngara

munene ebu niambie zinaitwa aje nitafute. I grow my own pepper.
Pia anybody who knows where I can get Cayenne pepper I’d appreciate.

hii inaitwa red bullet…you will find it in any wahindi supermarket ama the grocery market in ngara or city park

Very common huku north rift, we dry them and bonda bonda them and use them in a our meals in limited quantities.

Water will not neutralize the hot chili effect. Never! In fact it aggravates the hot feeling.
Drink milk instead.

Dr. Erectonics4u

cayenne nunua supermarket, especially ile ya the famous herbs and spices company, jina nimesahau

I take cayenne pepper tea. That works me up.

Hii ata mimi nataka kujaribu…i am a chsmpion at eating them peppers

Wahindi call it Bomb

I tried pepper for a period, I loved it too, but it came out at the other end hotter so I stopped. Uncomfortable doesn’t exactly describe the experience.

Pole Sana, these little Devils can make you fart blue flames


Proceeded ama seedlings for growing. Hua napenda napanda zangu

Drink Milk