Pepea Card with Aliexpress

Gentlemen and fair ladies, kindly mtu anieleze how that combination works juu kizungu imenishinda


weka pesa kwa account yako ya kcb.Jaza visa number aliexpress finya ok.Ukishindwa hiyo huwezi saidika

I have been using Equity Mastercard but wanted to delink my account from the whole shyna biz coz we all know them and data privacy…

Weka pesa via Mpesa. With pepea you dont have to be a kcb member… Follow prompts like you’re used to.
Ps: That’s my current shopping card on Ali express/amazon and linked to PayPal…

si you just email them relevant authorities i guess they are in a much better position to help…,


Hii card imenionyesha maneno…na i only used it on netflix pekee na nikacancel…but i this get this message karibu kila siku. Thank God sijarecharge

Leo tu wanted to link my MasterCard card to aliexpress but nikaogopa sana.I will try this pepea card if I can only load what I need to use at that moment via mpesa.

I can only link PayPal to my debit/ bank account, wengine sigwes…

Hata hiyo PayPal ni prepaid card only. Na hawa KCB wana mchezo sana. Paid them a visit recently wakaniambia they no longer issue prepaid debit cards, only credit cards. Sasa they keep sending me messages to pick up my debit card nashindwa hizi ni gani tena?

PayPal is way secure and any transaction is easily tracked and wrong transactions refunded, hio sina Shida nayo.
Some of those staffers can be a pain at times. Before niget yangu nilizungushwa for hours. I almost gave up, then a nice security guard assisted me on who to talk to, and within minutes i was sorted. Kuna ma-don’t care Kwa hio bank…

use your normal ATM card, so long as its written visa it works fine.