PEP or not PEP

I had to open a new thread. Given that the other one is five pages in, there’s a likelihood @bishopheahmund might not see my comment.

Cheki, I’ve taken PEP before. I was 18 or 19 and I had a habit of running around with questionable chics.

The PEP I was prescribed – by a real doctor, mind you – were two sets of drugs. In different containers. One was called Tenofovir or something. Sikumbuki.

One set of the drugs was composed of VERY LARGE TABLETS.

Maybe medication has changed, but I think you should go to a proper doctor and confirm that the bunch of tiny chiclets you were given are indeed PEP. Especially since 72 hours haven’t lapsed.

That said, the chances of you contracting HIV are rather small, assuming you had PIV sex (penis in vagina). On the offchance that your partner was not really a woman but a man, say, @poyoloko, with whom you had rough anal sex, rush to hospital and confirm you have the right medication.


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I was also given two tablets, one had that name …and indeed was big.

Mine was circa 2016

Went to a government facility and was given a set just same as the one i was given at the chemist.

Poa then

Mungich strikes again :smiley:

Chokora chokora coomer ya bibi yako ukitafuta stillbirths uwesmakende akikukuna Kuna mcoondur ,shenzi[ATTACH=full]487184[/ATTACH]

Ulikua umetomba @poyoloko ?pole chief hio ghaseeer iko na arv resistant deadliest virus

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Kijiji humaliza stress zote hadi unasahau friends out there.


This is not a clinic. This is the mental hospital.

new villager toa ushamba hapa

What have I done elder? Do you people get happy really or it’s demolishing each other all day out