Pep Guardiola admits Liverpool and Tottenham are better than City

Neither Arsenal or man united were mentioned in any of the comments.

A walking street commentator threw in a few inaudible words about the teams that were left out.

On adding the volume and using special software to separate noise, the man’s words became audible.

He said " farmers league teams!"

@digiri unasumbua. The only team worth the mention is Liverpool… The rest ni punda tuuu…

We all know Liverpool will ferk it up at some point

Injuries ndio zitaamua if they keep the streak going ama wamalizwe. They only need to loose Van Dijk and the keeper (forgotten his name) and the cookie begins to crumble…

True. Also if they lose one or two strikers their goose is cooked

Na cheki Kwa fixture wanna cheza na arsenali tena away at etihad
Draw vs arsenal
Lose at the etihad
The rest is history
The Epl league and Champions League for pep
Let klopp/spurs have the FA cup
as for united winning the FA may be reserved for a league double

Strikers wako kibao. If they lost guys like firminho, mane, bado wako na backup iko form. Shaqiri is banging goals. Stirridge is still a threat.
Defence ndio naona hawana alternative to Dijk, and the keeper (still can’t remember his name)…

His name is Alison Becker.

ati champe for pep, champe ina wenyewe buda

Ati Man City washinde Champions?Wharever the three wise men told you over Christmas forget… Christmas imeisha…hebu amka.