People's revolt in Eswatini


sasa huyo mjinga alibadilisha jina ya nchi kwa nini. hat is wrong with swaziland . it shows he is an idler who onyl wants to ferk women and young girls

Lakini hii ceremony isiishe. Huwa nang’arisha macho sana

Swaziland is an English name. Eswatini is much more accurate given that it’s a siSwati name.

Anyway the people have had enough of Mswati III’s arrogance and misrule. If he has fled, its probably the end of his rule if not the end of the monarchy

Haiya. Kwani hii covid…?


Manze huyu mseh angekuwa anataka he would just work hard and make Swaziland a super power economy. They have everything they need. Lots of minerals wealth, fantastic soils, beautiful hardworking people… everything.

Munasema Bangi 1 anaiba bila impunity,this king anawaonyesha ile anaiba kwanza
Over two years amenyandua pesa ya nchi to its knees by buying RR cars for his females and BMWs for his subjects…he’s a giving king. The purchase of the cars has triggered criticism as Swatis believe the timing was just not right, considering the country’s ailing economy.

Sasa punda amechoka

He has 15 wives…

Matatu ya kuenda eswatini inapandiwa wapi? Daaaamn,thats a big beech…or the chap is a midget

Na warembo… everyday huko ni ‘Naivasha’

Each of whom have had a palace constructed for them

Mama Ngina watching developments closely. Has requested two container ships of teargas from China pronto.

Looks like this has been a long time coming. Mswati III pushed people too far, after carrying on from his father


Akiendelea kutuzoea it will go very badly for all involved


wameshinda wakenya ao. wanajua wamechoka. punda huku kenya zilichoka kitambo lakini zinavumilia tu

Punda za Kenya hazina akili. Too docile to protest