People's President, now Speaker of Bunge la Wananchi.


Hes the peoples champ. You may not know which country Ruto is touring today, but you will know where Raila is.

From red carpets at statehouse and KICC to such kunguni infested old and tattered chairs? Wapi heshima ya speaker wa BLM?

Kweli hii maisha inataka ukunjufu:D:D:D


Microphone juu ya stool

Si the average hustler anakalia kiti kama hio?

Btw hii word umanisha?

Now this is the true Rao I have always voted in.
Doing a hybrid with Konyagi costed him our 2022 votes.
If he maintains this trend, he will in state house by 6 am in 2032, age is just a number

Blubber imejaa kwa akili swine ya Abduland?


Niko nyuma ya baba to the end


Something to do with humbleness or humility…synonymous with kunyeyekea.

Alikula pesa ya agents, bure kabisa!

Mzee alikorogewa kitu

Stop the cap

Gani hizi tena matiti titter?

Thanks wadau

Si yeye … ni junet

True Grass Roots mobilization …